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Below are confirmed meets and approximate date placeholders for those that might happen in the 2023 season.  All of the "Local" meets are on CDA's radar as "events of interest."  The AAU-RWB, AAU RWB National, AAU National, as well as all of the USAD  events (Region, Zone, and National) meets are our top priorities.  In addition, we are considering an International trip in 2023.

In the interim, if you have interest in attending a particular meet CLICK HERE to let us know how we may be of service.


CDA operates customized diving camps in our amazing dryland center and pool facilities.  These customized programs may include both group and private sessions and vary from 1-day to 1-week variable schedules.  Space will be limited.  If you are interested, please fill-out our "Contact-Us" form CLICK-HERE and let us know about your interest and some details of your diver (no experience necessary).

Every year the California Diving Academy selects away/overnight diving camp(s) to attend as a club.  These camps offer 3-5-days of intense dryland and water training.  A CDA coach attends the camps to support of our divers of all skill levels.  For those divers interested in a college athletic experience, there are typically a number of college coaches attending and/or coaching these camps and to preview future prospects.

For those new to diving, these camps are a good way to get a serious jump-start on the next level of their diving repertoire (including 1m, 3m, and tower training).  We hope all interested CDA divers will talk to your coach about attending.  The announcement with camp details will be made before the end of January so you will have time to schedule and prepare.

In our 8th season of attending these away diving camp CDA has taken more than 30 divers to camp - feedback from these week-long training/exposure trips is "it was a great experience, I met divers from all over the country, and want to do it again next year ~ coach Eric made sure we worked our plan!"

For Summer 2022 our away camp dates are 26jun-01jul22.  Clear your schedule and join us.



Since 2014 the California Diving Academy has been providing various City Summer (beginner) Learn-to-Dive classes.  In Summer of 2022 we will continue this tradition and again offer several sessions each of our 1-hour and 3-hour water-only classes.  Space is limited.  If you are interested in these City sessions, please fill-out our "Contact-Us" form CLICK-HERE and let us know about your interest and some details of your diver (no experience necessary).  If you would like to include training in our amazing dryland facility, please consider joining the club and our "Try-it-Out" (TIO) program.  Alternately, CDA would be happy to customize a diving camp just for you (see below).

For High School and all CDA divers we will discuss with you separately any additional meets or camps that you should consider.

CLICK HERE ~ to Contact Us and schedule your call


In order to sign-up for a diving meet there are several steps to register and sign-up (the first time):

1)This is for USA Diving (by being a CDA diver you already have a membership for all AAU meets).  To register for an "Athlete" ($40) or "Competition Athlete" ($200) membership number from USA Diving (www.USAdiving.org) ~ if you are 18+ there is an additional fee of $33 for a background check:
a) Here is a direct link to register: https://webpoint.usadiving.org/wp/Memberships/Join.wp
b) For "Association" select "No. California" then choose "California Diving Academy"
  c) For Coach of Record select "Holzheimer, Eric" as your coach
  d) The "Athlete" membership allows a diver to participate in any/all USAD "local" meets that are             run through USA Diving.  There are occasional meets run via AAU Diving
  e) The "Competition Athlete" is for those divers who are qualified and required and/or wanting to           participate in the USAD road to Nationals (Regions, Zones, and Nationals)
  f) The membership year runs from 01jan-31dec

2) Go to www.DiveMeets.com (DM) and create a DM account (FREE) ~ CLICK HERE to see the screen.
a) During the DM registration process there are several things to mark
     i) Under "Organizations" select/check:AAU and USA Diving. If you are a high school diver,                         select the CIF that relates to your schools district.  If you are local to our club you probably                   belong to the CIF North Coast (you could be CIF San Francisco, CIF, Sac-Joaquin, or CIF Oakland)

3) Diver, Club, and High School Information (Club Membership and Team/School Affiliations) ~ 
  a) AAU (CDA club number WY6B95) ~
     i) CAL Diving Club
    ii) Holzheimer, Eric
   iii) YOUR AAU Membership Number

  b) High School Affiliation ~
     i) Select your CIF Section (probably North Coast), then your High School
    ii) Select your coach
        * if your coach is not listed, select Holzheimer, Eric

  c) USAD (CDA club number 33-6348) ~
     i) California Diving Academy in the "No. California" group/association
    ii) Holzheimer, Eric
   iii) YOUR USAD Membership Number

4) After you have your DiveMeets number, THEN go to the diving meet you wish to sign-up for and register.  The good news is that unless you move and/or change clubs, you only have to register with AAU and USAD 1x/year.  You DM number is good for life.

5) There is one other diving meet registration platform called "CleanEntries" (CE) at: www.CleanEntries.com"  we suggest you register with them also (since your in the swing of things).  CE is also lifetime and FREE to register and we do attend several of their meets each year.

6) Now that you are registered with AAU, USAD, DM, and CE ~ you are ready to SIGN-UP
  a) Next step ~ look at CDA's diving meet schedule (above).  From the posted schedule you will be             able to plan your school and family scheduling around diving meets as required/desired
  b) A message with a link will be sent to all CDA families as soon as each meet is live online
  c) Check with your coach to determine what level and specific dives you will perform for that event

Finally, keep all of your diving logins, membership numbers, etc. in a safe place in case you have to refer to, or update them.

Schedule of Club Diving Meets confirmed a/o 27oct22