Since 2014 the California Diving Academy has been providing various City and School District Summer (beginner) Learn-to-Dive classes.  These have typically been 30-minute, 1-week classes.  In Summer of 2019, CDA offered a half-day 1-week class that was amazing.  So, for the Summer of 2020 CDA will be offering more of these week-long, half-day sessions.  If you are interested, please fill-out our "Contact-Us" form CLICK-HERE and let us know about your interest and some details of your diver (no experience necessary).


In order to sign-up for a diving meet there are several steps to register and sign-up (the first time):

1) Get a "BLUE" ($20) USA Diving membership (www.usadiving.org) number

2) Go to www.DiveMeets.com (DM) and create a DM account (FREE).
  a) During the DM registration process there are several things to mark
     i) Under "Organizations" check AAU, USA Diving, and if you are a high school student, select the CIF that relates to your schools district.  If you are local to our club you probably belong to CIF North Coast (although you could be CIF San Francisco, CIF, Sac-Joaquin, or CIF Okland)

3) Diver, Club, and High School Information (Club Membership and Team/School Affiliations) ~ 
  a) AAU ~
     i) CAL Diving Club
    ii) Holzheimer, Eric
   iii) YOUR AAU Membership Number
  b) High School Affiliation ~
     i) Select your High School
    ii) Select your coach
        * if your coach is not listed, select Holzheimer, Eric

  c) USAD ~
     i) California Diving Academy
    ii) Holzheimer, Eric
   iii) YOUR USAD Membership Number

4) After you have your DiveMeets number, THEN go to the diving meet you wish to sign-up for and register.  The good news is that unless you move and/or change clubs, you only have to register with AAU and USAD 1x/year.  You DM number is good for life.

5) There is one other diving meet registration platform called "CleanEntries" (CE) at: www.CleanEntries.com"  we suggest you register with them also (since your in the swing of things).  CE is also lifetime and FREE to register and we do attend several of their meets each year.

Finally, keep all of your diving logins, membership numbers, etc. in a safe place in case you have to refer to or update them.

Overall Schedule of Diving Meets CDA will attend ~ 2019



Beyond signing-up to participate in the meet, each CDA family is encouraged to commit some, or all, of their Quarterly hours to this event.  Below is a link to the Volunteer Registration Site:

CLICK HEREor copy/paste the link: http://bit.ly/2BWga6k

For High School, JO1-3, Senior, and Elite Divers we will discuss with you separately any additional meets or camps that you should consider.

  *  *  * Diver Sign-Up Link (DiveMeets)  *  *  *

 ~ * ~ CLICK HERE to register on DiveMeets for CDA's 2019 event ~ * ~ 

California Diving Academy will select an "away" diving camp for the Summer of 2020 where, aside from 4+ days of intense dryland and water training, a number of rotating college coaches attend as camp coaches, but also to view prospects.  A CDA coach attends this 1-week camp in support of our college hopeful divers and those wishing to get a serious jump-start on the next level of their diving repertoire (including 1m, 3m, and tower training).  We hope all qualified CDA divers will participate.  The announcement with camp details and date(s) will be made before the end of February so you will have time to schedule, budget, and prepare.

In our 5th season of away diving camp CDA has taken almost two-dozen divers to camp - feedback from these week-long training/exposure trips is "it was a great experience!"

To print a copy of the 2019 MEET SCHEDULE ~ CLICK HERE

DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams

California Diving Academy kicks-off the 2019 club meet-schedule for Northern California.  Our Second-Annual meet will take place at DVHS on Saturday, February 16th, 2019.  All current CDA divers (FC1-8, JO1-3, Seniors, Elites, and Masters) are encouraged to participate.


Saturday, February 16th, 2019 ~ Hosted by The California Diving Academy

2019 Meet Outline Sheet (PDF) ~ CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the 2019 FINAL TIMELINE ~ (available a/o 4pm, Thursday, February 14th, 2019)