a) Required membership ~ 

        Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Registration

   1) AAU Registration Link
2) CDA's AAU Club Code ~ "W34YT4"

   3) Email us a separate copy of the actual AAU membership card

​​b) If the diver is going to participate in competition(s) at any level (Beginner/Future Champions, Junior Olympic, or Masters), they will also be required to belong to USA Diving (USAD):

​​   1) USAD Registration Link

      i) CDA Diving's USAD Club Code ~ "33-6348"

     ii) CDA Club Association: "No. California"

   2) Next www.DiveMeets.com to SignUp (FREE)

      i) Under "Organization/Membership"

        a) Check the boxes for "AAU" and "USADiving"

        b) High School Divers in our area

             1. Check the box for "CIF North Coast Section"

NOTE: for diving competitions age is determined by the age of the competitor as-of December 31st in that year.

STEP#1 ~go to www.DiveAAU.org and register the diver(s)

    i) $14-youth  //  $24-adult (typically) ~ please input California Diving Academy's AAU Code "W34YT4"

   ii) If the applicant is a current AAU member in another sport, simply input their card number

  iii) An AAU membership number is required to complete the CDA registration package

  iv) Email us a separate copy of the actual AAU membership card

STEP#2 ~CLICK HERE to REGISTER with CDA (for the 2023-24 season)

    i) Under "Registration Option" select the program you wish to join

        1) 1st-time (TIO), Monthly Recurring, 10-Pack, Clinics, Private Lessons, or Admin options

        2) Fill-out the forms and Check-out

        3) Sometimes the system will require you to enter your AAU membership # in ALL CAPS


DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams


~ What Happens Next ~

~ Steps to Register ~

~ Paperwork/Forms Requirements ~

Once you have submitted your registration package(s), the Registrar will acknowledge receipt and ask for any clarification(s) necessary to complete your application and/or discuss with you a schedule to get started.

Additionally, payment must be made prior to the first session.  CDA accepts cash, check, ACH, and credit/debit cards.