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2022 Athletes diving HS with Coach Eric

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Following are documents and resources for high school teams involved with Coach Eric.

SCHOOL DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (not ready a/o - 17jan22)~  

  • CLAM + ALL DAL schools + (Barean, Clayton Valley, Castro Valley)
    • Health Questionnaire ~ Company Nurse (one for each CLAM-only school) ~CLICK HERE
    • Sports Guideline (EVERYONE) print, sign, and bring a copy to practice ~ CLICK HERE
  • Dublin + CVHS ~ 
    • Fact Sheet (EVERYONE) print, sign, and bring a copy to practice ~ CLICK HERE
    • Additional Waiver(Dublin Only) print, sign, and bring a copy to practice ~ CLICK HERE
  • EVERYONE, EVERY PROGRAM ~has some form of DAILY digital Health Screening


​​​NOTE: YES, there is a lot of information here - the diver is responsible for knowing all of it.  Including when items are due, and to whom.

This page is not complete (a/o 26jan22). HOWEVER, there is a lot of information and several things to do NOW.  The CDA registration link is LIVE NOW as is the high school overview Zoom meeting link and the link to get your DiveMeets number.  If you already have a DiveMeets number you do not need a new one but you do need the number.  There will be one final pre-season Zoom meeting from 7-8am, Sunday, 06feb22.  CLICK HERE to get details.

*** ~ Outline of Judging Criterion ~ ***



READ/RESPOND ~ 2022 Season (due before 31jan22)


All Divers/All High Schools diving with Coach Eric (updated 17jan22)

Schools: AHS, EHS, all CLAM, all DAL schools, Berean, Clayton Valley, Castro Valley, and Dublin

~ Coach Eric's High School Registration Link (live a/o 21jan22) CLICK HERE​​ ~ 

​Note: if you do not already have a ID number CLICK HERE

and CHECK THE BOX for high school "CIF North Coast Section"


Coach Eric held a Pre-Season diver and family ZOOM SESSION (16jan22) for ALL schools he coaches. If you missed the live meeting and have any questions, watch the entire recording. If you still have questions CLICK HERE and fill out our form. Here is the recording link: ~ Passcode: hs22diving!

The DAL, EBAL, and WACC seasons will run from 07feb - 14may22

High School Diving ~ 2021-22

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TENTATIVE 6&11 dive qualifier schedule (a/o 26jan22)

  • Includes proposed Dive of the Week (DOW) ~ click on image to get PDF

We have left results from the High School 2019 season on the bottom of this page as reference.  We will keep them until we have results from the 2021-22 season.

 2019 High School


For the meet grid below, typically you would need to know what league YOU belong to THEN note the League for each meet listed.

The two meets (NCS and CIF) are end-of-season Championships, are independent, and not tied to a single league.


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CDA offers dryland sessions in our San Ramon facility to ANY and ALL divers!

                ** ~ MEET SHEETS ~ **

6-dive and JV Champ's meet sheet ~ CLICK HERE

11-dive Varsity meets (fillable form) ~ CLICK HERE

USA Diving 6/11 Meet Sheet ~CLICK HERE


DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams


Dryland Dryland Diving Clinics (all/any dives you need/want) ~ CLICK HERE to sign-up

From basic/Voluntary dives (front/back/reverse/inward), to the most complex dives on the planet.  The CDA dryland clinics, equipment (boards, belts, trampolines), and coaches can help you with any dive at any level.