Non-CDA divers interested in Clinics, Groups, and/or Private Sessions CLICK HERE to get more information and sign-up!

Clinics, Groups, and/or Private Sessions are available to non-CDA divers CLICK HERE  to get more information and sign-up!


CDA's FastTrack Program ~

The FastTrack program is a way to add hours to your current team/level.  It is only available to CDA team members, CDA's FastTrack program is a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent program.  CDA offers the FastTrack program for those divers interested (and approved by a CDA coach) to add more practice time beyond their current team level.  Specific recommendations from coach regarding the use of those hours (dryland and/or pool) will be part of the consideration/offer. CLICK HERE to see the cost and hours offered at each team level (FC1-4, FC5-6, FC7-8, JO1, JO2, and JO3).  Once discussed with the coach and approved, the diver's actual modified schedule will be reviewed and approved by the Administrator.

Current CDA divers CLICK HERE to sign-up for 10-packs, Clinics, Groups, or Private Sessions!

                           ~ ~  TEAM OPPORTUNITIES  ~ ~ 

Future Champion:                               Junior Olympic / College-Bound / Elites:

  1) FC1-4 Beginning Diver                   5) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)

  2) FC5-8 Intermediate-1                    6) JO2 ~ Level-2 (Advanced)

  3) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)      7) JO3 ~ Level-3 (Division-1 College-Bound)

  4) High School                                    8) Elite ~ Home-Schooled, full-time training

Private, Semi-Private, Clinic, and Bubble sessions are open to all divers and all skill levels.  Times, dates, and locations will be emailed and are TBA.  CLICK HERE to get on our mailing list.

High School Divers ~ regardless of your background or experience, if you are not currently diving with CDA and wish to participate in more than clinic or private sessions, you must first register and participate in The Academy's "Try-it-Out" (TIO) program for evaluation and potential placement into one of our appropriate programs.  TIO's are run year-round.  It is never too early (or late) to begin preparing for your high school season.

Private Lessons and Clinics ~


Fee Schedules

DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams

Everyone first joining the club through our TIO program will be offered and/or assigned to a team at the end of the last TIO session; except divers coming from other diving programs or Varsity high school divers. Experienced divers will be evaluated and offered/placed on an appropriate team directly.

"Try-it-Out" (TIO) is just that...a series of four 4-session (45-minutes each) of group instruction to see if the diver likes formal dive-training and for CDA to evaluate the skill-level and potential of each athlete.

For those continuing, CDA offers between 2-6 day/week of programs operating year-round for training and competition at all levels. From Future Champions (beginners) to Junior Olympic (intermediate-advanced), Elite (Olympic hopefuls), Masters, and High School competitors. Sessions include from 30-minutes to 6-hours/day; which typically includes both dryland and water practices the same day, or on an alternate-day schedule.

Our "Classes and Teams Tab" shows what dives it takes to move-up.

CLICK HERE for detailed team-level requirements