DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams

                           ~ ~  TEAM OPPORTUNITIES  ~ ~ 

Future Champion:                               Junior Olympic / College-Bound / Elites:

  1) FC1-4 Beginning Diver                   5) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)

  2) FC5-8 Intermediate-1                    6) JO2 ~ Level-2 (Advanced)

  3) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)      7) JO3 ~ Level-3 (Division-1 College-Bound)

  4) High School                                    8) Elite ~ Home-Schooled, full-time training

NOTE for High School Divers ~ you may choose to sign-up for Team or Pre-Team.  Select "Team" during registration if you wish to participate in Club diving meets during the year.

Fee Schedules


Everyone first joining the club is a Pre-Team member except divers coming from other diving programs or Varsity high school divers.  Experienced divers will be evaluated and placed on an appropriate team.

"Try-it-Out" (TIO) is just that...four (4) hours of group instruction; to see if the diver likes formal dive-training and for CDA to evaluate the skill-level and potential of each athlete.

For those continuing, CDA offers between 2-5 days/week of year-round training at all levels.  From Future Champion to Junior Olympic, High School, Elite, and Masters competitors.  Sessions include from 30-minutes to 4-hours/day; which typically includes dryland followed by in-water practice the same day.

Our "Classes and Teams Tab" shows what dives it takes to move-up.

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The different fees listed above for teams (both monthly recurring and travel deposit) has to do with how many days/week you decide to practice/compete.  You will be given the option(s) to choose (within your group) during the registration process.

Private, Semi-Private, Clinic, and Bubble sessions are open to all divers and all skill levels.  Times, dates, and locations will be emailed and are TBA.  CLICK HERE to get on our mailing list.