DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams


Everyone first joining the club is a Pre-Team member except divers coming from other diving programs or Varsity high school divers.  Experienced divers will be evaluated and placed on an appropriate team.

"Try-it-Out" (TIO) is just that...four (4) hours of group instruction; to see if the diver likes formal dive-training and for CDA to evaluate the skill-level and potential of each athlete.

For those continuing, CDA offers between 2-5 days/week of year-round training at all levels.  From Future Champion to Junior Olympic, High School, Elite, and Masters competitors.  Sessions include from 30-minutes to 4-hours/day; which typically includes dryland followed by in-water practice the same day.

Our "Classes and Teams Tab" shows what dives it takes to move-up.

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The different fees listed above for teams (both monthly recurring and travel deposit) has to do with how many days/week you decide to practice/compete.  You will be given the option(s) to choose (within your group) during the registration process.

                           ~ ~  TEAM OPPORTUNITIES  ~ ~ 

Future Champion:                               Junior Olympic / College-Bound / Elites:

  1) FC1-4 Beginning Diver                   5) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)

  2) FC5-8 Intermediate-1                    6) JO2 ~ Level-2 (Advanced)

  3) JO1 ~ Level-1 (Intermediate-2)      7) JO3 ~ Level-3 (Division-1 College-Bound)

  4) High School                                    8) Elite ~ Home-Schooled, full-time training

Private, Semi-Private, Clinic, and Bubble sessions are open to all divers and all skill levels.  Times, dates, and locations will be emailed and are TBA.  CLICK HERE to get on our mailing list.

NOTE for High School Divers ~ you may choose to sign-up for Team or Pre-Team.  Select "Team" during registration if you wish to participate in Club diving meets during the year.


Fee Schedules