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NEW TO DIVING ~ the question is WHERE TO BEGIN...at the beginning of course...

"TIO" ~ literally, our "jumping-off" point...try diving with CDA and get to know us!

TIO stands for "Try-it-Out" which is a great way to experience our coaches and amazing facilities (both dryland and water). Our TIO program includes 4-hours of instruction for $125.00.  These sessions are at both the pool and our incredible 3,500sqFt Dryland Training Center.  We offer all of this to see if you or your child enjoy the sport of diving.

A little more about our awesome Dryland Training Center ~ Our dryland center is located in San Ramon and is one of the top 100 diver training centers in the United States across all club, high school, and college facilities.  We currently offer:

  • Three "real" 16' Duraflex Maxi-B diving boards
    • These are the same diving boards used in all colleges and the Olympics ~ one with a spotting belt
  • Two 7' x 14' trampolines ~ both with spotting belts
  • A large spring floor ~ (coming soon)
  • An Air-Track ~ (coming soon)
  • A large variety of mats, pads, and blocks
  • Tons of conditioning and training gear
  • And a whole lot more...
  • You are invited to come see for yourself ~ check-it-out!
Group Assignment/Advancement


"1m" (3') ~ "low" diving board  //  "3m" (10') ~ "high" diving board  //  "Tower/Platform" = 5m (16'), 7.5m (25'), 10m (33')

"FC" ~ Future Champion  //  "JO" ~ Junior Olympic  //  "HS" ~ High School  //  "Masters" ~ >18 years old

"V" ~ Voluntary (required) dive  //  "O" ~ Optional dive  //  "SS" ~ Somersault/Flip​​  //  C=Tuck and B=Pike


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Private Lessons ~sign-up for 10-packs, Clinics, Groups, or Private Sessions!

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Clinics ~CDA offers special 1 & 2-day diving clinics that can include dryland, water, and bubbles.

CDA offers 1-day and 2-day day-camps that will help you gain skills and confidence in beginning or extending your diving knowledge and experience.  Whether you want to master forms and refine techniques, learn to rip entries, add new dive(s), are taking that next step in becoming a competitive diver; or are simply interested in diving – this session promises to be a fun and rewarding experience.

The California Diving Academy will help you set and achieve your goals.  Our camps are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced divers of all ages who are interested in developing or improving their skills.  Participants are expected to be comfortable and safe swimming on their own in the deep end of the pool.  No previous diving experience is required and groups will be configured by skill-level.  Enrollment will be limited to ensure that individuals receive special attention and have the opportunity to maximize their participation.

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Diving Meets ~ Competition is at all levels from FC1 to International and Olympic levels

Diving Meets are Categorized by location AND level of competition

Local ~ 1-meter and 3-meter ~ individual & synchro

Regional ~ 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 7.5-meter, and 10-meter ~ individual & synchro

​Zone ~ 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 7.5-meter, and 10-meter ~ individual & synchro

​National ~ 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 7.5-meter, and 10-meter ~ individual & synchro

​International ~ 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 7.5-meter, and 10-meter ~ individual & synchro

Team Offerings ~ Future Champion (beginner), Junior Olympic, Senior/Elite, Masters, and Syncro (all levels)

NOTE: Admission/assignment to any team is at the discretion of the coaching and administrative staff.

Teams ~Click Here (fill-in and return to be considered for a team ~ travel and entry fees are not included)

Beginner Classes ~ Progressive Levels FC1-7 (includes brand new divers through High School Varsity)

Intermediate Classes ~ Progressive Levels ~ FC8 and JO1 (Junior Olympic)

Advanced Classes ~ Progressive Levels ~ JO2, JO3, Elites, and Seniors

Masters Classes ~ Anyone over the age of 18

Recreational Offerings ~ Classes and Lessons

Year-Round ~

   * Classes

   * Teams

​   * Clinics

​   * Private Lessons

   * Competition (meets)

DIVING: Lessons, Classes, and Teams